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Badu Aqua Vario Plus

Badu Aqua Vario Plus

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Badu Aqua Vario Plus

The Aqua Vario Plus is the environmentally friendly sister to the Aqua Plus: a self-priming all-rounder, flexible applications and extremely economical. The perfect machine for almost all pool projects:

  • aboveground pools
  • partially submerged pools
  • built-in pools
  • swimming ponds
  • fish ponds

The Aqua Vario Plus has a powder-coated motor and is corrosion resistant against swimming pool water and chemical additives. All housing parts are made from reinforced plastic, resistant to chlorine, and promise a long service life. Installed in the open, the pump should have simple protection against the effects of the weather.

  • The Aqua Vario Plus is similar to the Aqua Plus
  • The main difference is the energy efficient motor technology
  • Vario stands for variable speed control
  • You can programme the pump operation economically with three pre-set speed ranges
  • Take care of the environment and your bank account!

The Aqua Vario Plus is based (as all Aqua TechniX pumps) on the principle of electrical separation. Thus the pump/motor shaft has no contact with the pool water.



Pool size (in m³)

Flow rate…
(in m³/h)

…at a dynamic head* of (in m)

Power output P2
(in kW)

Sound level
(in dB)

Vario Plus

max. 70 m³

 max. 14 m³/h

max. 12 m

 max. 0.45 kW / 230 V

51 – 72 dB

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