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Aqua Forte

AquaForte Plug & Play Filter well Type 2 75m3 Pond Filter

AquaForte Plug & Play Filter well Type 2 75m3 Pond Filter

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AquaForte Plug & Play Filter  (75m3

The ultimate solution for uncomplicated and space-saving (swimming) pond filtration! Crafted with professional-grade polyester, fiberglass, and gel-coat finish, this in-ground housing arrives fully pre-assembled. Boasting a vibrant green lid with an ivory interior, this filter pit encompasses both style and substance. Only the power supply cable needs to be connected to the junction box!

Technical Features:

1 x inlet 110mm with valve for the pre-filter
2 x return 63mm (separately adjustable with ball valve Ø63mm)
1 x extra-large pre-filter (8 litres!) with easy-to-clean strainer basket
1 x Aquaforte DM Vario 22000S or 30000S variable pond pump
2 x AquaForte MidiPower UV-C units, 40 or 75 watt
2 x AquaForte Dosatech dosing pumps
1 x 4 litres MicrobeLift Clean & Clear with clamp saddle on return line
1 x 3 litres AquaForte Phosfree (phosphate remover) with clamp saddle on return line
1 x junction box with 6 sockets including 16A fuse and 30mA leakage protection

This filter pit is available for ±40 or 75m³ (swimming) pond water. 

Note: this is not a biological filter. Ponds with fish will therefore still need a biological filter. 

For swimming ponds, this filter is ideal to combine with plant and / or lava (substrate) filters. The filter can be used both "downstream" or "upstream" (after or before the plant / lava filter). The filter pit can be completely buried in the ground to hide it and add a clean finish to the look of your pond (inlet must be under water level).

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