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Eco Plus Air Pumps, Ensure Optimal Fish Health, Efficient Aeration Solution

Eco Plus Air Pumps, Ensure Optimal Fish Health, Efficient Aeration Solution

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Maintain your aquatic friends' well-being with ECO PLUS AIR PUMPS, the key to providing essential oxygen to your pond. Low oxygen levels can lead to fish health issues, but with the ECO PLUS AIR range, you can ensure proper aeration, reducing risks and promoting a lively and thriving environment for your aquatic companions.

Key Features:
  • Vital Oxygen Boost: ECO PLUS AIR PUMPS prevent fish illnesses by ensuring adequate oxygen levels in your pond, even during warm months when oxygen content decreases.
  • Economical and Reliable: Enjoy low running costs with these efficient pumps that deliver high output and performance. Their robust design ensures reliability and longevity.
  • Versatile and Outdoor Ready: Built to withstand the elements, these pumps can be used outdoors, ensuring continuous aeration for your pond.
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Experience the peace and tranquility of your pond as the low-noise, compact design maintains efficient aeration without disturbances.
  • Easy Maintenance: Spare diaphragms are included with every pump, making maintenance hassle-free and ensuring consistent performance.
  • Warranty Included: ECO PLUS AIR PUMPS come with a one-year warranty, giving you confidence in their quality and performance.
Models Available:

120 ltr: Output - 120 litres/min, Wattage - 80W
100 ltr: Output - 100 litres/min, Wattage - 65W
80 ltr: Output - 80 litres/min, Wattage - 50W
50 ltr: Output - 50 litres/min, Wattage - 30W
Specifications (Common to All Models):

Noise Level: <48dB (for 120 ltr and 100 ltr models), <45dB (for 80 ltr and 50 ltr models)
Weight: Varies from 2.6kg to 6.8kg depending on model
Dimensions: Vary slightly, but generally around LxWxH – 216mm x 164mm x 179mm to 238mm x 186mm x 200mm
Voltage: 220v / 50hz
Don't compromise on your fish's health. Elevate your pond's oxygen levels with ECO PLUS AIR PUMPS. With these efficient and reliable aeration solutions, your fish can thrive in a well-oxygenated, vibrant environment.
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