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Filtreau Combi-AFTER incl. UVC (Gravity) Pond Filter

Filtreau Combi-AFTER incl. UVC (Gravity) Pond Filter

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Introducing the Filtreau Combi-AFTER incl. UVC (Gravity) Filter System, a low-maintenance solution designed to provide healthy and clear water without the need for daily upkeep. With its efficient drum filter and 350L Moving Bed Biochamber, this system is suitable for (koi) ponds up to an impressive 45,000L capacity.

At Hatton Koi, we understand the importance of maintaining optimal water quality in your pond. The Filtreau Combi-AFTER combines the power of a drum filter and a Moving Bed Biochamber, ensuring exceptional filtration performance and a thriving aquatic environment.

Equipped with 3 inlets and 3 outlets of 110mm each, the Filtreau Combi-AFTER provides efficient water circulation and flow. Its gravity-fed design allows for seamless integration with your pond setup, making maintenance a breeze.

The Filtreau Combi-AFTER system features a compact design, with dimensions of 1730cm in length, 570cm in width, and 1020cm in height. These dimensions ensure an efficient use of space while providing ample capacity for effective filtration.

Invest in the Filtreau Combi-AFTER incl. UVC (Gravity) Filter System and experience the benefits of low-maintenance filtration. Enjoy the convenience of clear and healthy water without the hassle of daily maintenance.

Choose Hatton Koi as your trusted partner in the Aquatic & Pond Building trade. Explore the Filtreau Combi-AFTER incl. UVC (Gravity) Filter System today and discover how it can elevate your pond filtration. Provide the best care for your valued aquatic companions and trust in the quality and reliability of Filtreau products to create a vibrant and thriving aquatic environment.

For use with : Bio Carrier Hel-X 17 

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