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Kano Far Infrared for Superior Water Quality, Ideal for All Shower Filters

Kano Far Infrared for Superior Water Quality, Ideal for All Shower Filters

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Enhance your water quality and maintain a thriving aquatic environment with Kano Far Infrared Shower Media. Crafted from premium quartz and minerals, this media undergoes a rigorous heating process up to 1800°C, resulting in an ultra-porous surface. The abundant surface area promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria, fostering a balanced ecosystem in your pond or aquatic setup.

Key Features:
  • Efficient Water Quality: Kano Shower Media excels at improving water quality by accelerating the dissolution of organic solids, stabilizing water pH, and enhancing oxygen content.
  • Natural Bacterial Colonization: Encourages the growth of nitrifying bacteria essential for water purification, while providing organic minerals to support fish growth.
  • Far Infrared Emission: Emitting FAR infrared rays, this media disrupts neighboring water molecules, facilitating increased oxygen dissolution for healthier water.
  • Eco-Friendly and pH Neutral: Crafted from top-quality materials, Kano Shower Media is pH neutral and remains durable without degradation over time.
  • Crystal Clear Results: With its outstanding water flow characteristics, Kano Media swiftly restores water to its pristine clarity, creating a favorable habitat for beneficial bacteria.
  • Aquaculture Water Purification: Facilitates the growth of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, crucial for maintaining optimal water quality in aquaculture settings.
  • High Flow Recommendation: For optimal performance, we recommend a high flow rate to fully harness the benefits of Kano Shower Media.
  • Quantity: Available in 5kg boxes with 50 pieces per carton.
  • Dimensions: Length of 150mm and thickness of 40mm.

Transform your water ecosystem with the power of Kano Far Infrared Shower Media. Experience the difference in water quality and witness the resurgence of a crystal-clear aquatic environment. Upgrade your shower filters today for healthier water and thriving aquatic life.
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