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Super UV 105W Replacement Lamp/Quartz UVC

Super UV 105W Replacement Lamp/Quartz UVC

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Air-Aqua primarily focuses on the most efficient UV technology: amalgam. Because this type of lamp has become very affordable over a short period of time.

Buy with Super UV ballast for complete UV system.

• extremely high efficiency
• lamp’s service life is 13.000
• clearer water
• UV radiation capacity during service life declines at a reduced rate
• better able to withstand switching the lamp on and off

Technical Data

Weight (kg) 0.57
Manufacturer Air-Aqua BV
Country of manufacture Netherlands
Protection Class IP68
Advice max. Volume swimmingpond/pool (m3) 80
Advice max. Volume koi pond (m3) 60
Dimensions (mm) ø25 x 940mm
Max. Life (hours) 13000
Cable length (mm) 5000
Power (W) 105-108
UV Output @ 254 nm (W) 35
EAN 8717591051541
Taric code 85399090


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