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Superdrum M 30/120 Pond Filter

Superdrum M 30/120 Pond Filter

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The SuperDrum M 30/120 has a capacity of up to 30 m3/hour and a mesh size of 120 micron. This model is also available with a 70 micron mesh size on request.

How it works:
The water flows through the drum sieve which removes any dirt greater than120 microns (0.12 mm). A water level sensor detects whether sufficient water is still flowing through the drum. Should the drum sieve become too clogged, it is automatically rinsed. The trapped dirt is then removed from the sieve fully automatically by the high-pressure pump, and the dirt is transported to the sewers via the nozzles and a drainage channel.

The SuperDrum can be buried entirely, and can be used with pump-fed applications. UV lamps can easily be fitted in the casing.

All SuperDrums are supplied with a cover, rinsing pump and control electronics, but without UV and biological filtration equipment. With a coarser sieve element, the filter flushes less frequently and the capacity is greater (more m3/hour flow).

Technical Data

Weight (kg) 40
Brand Air-Aqua
Manufacturer Air-Aqua BV
Country of manufacture Netherlands
Max. flow (m3/hour) 30
Advice max. Volume koi pond (m3) 60
Advice max. Volume swimmingpond/pool (m3) 100
Mesh size (µ) 70 or 120
Inlet (mm) 2x 110
Dimensions (mm) 1020x570x510
Material Polypropylene
EAN 8717591054368
Taric code 84212100
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