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Remora i-27 Inverter Heat pump (with Wi-Fi)

Remora i-27 Inverter Heat pump (with Wi-Fi)

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If you are looking for a premium quality heat pump for your pool or Koi pond, with intelligent controls that will maximise heat output and minimise energy consumption and the added benefit of a three year parts and labour warranty for your peace of mind, then look no further than the Remora Inverter.

The Remora Inverter has been designed to be fully responsive to your pool or ponds heating, or cooling needs, Powerful mode delivers the fastest heating, Silent mode offers quiet overnight running and Smart mode automatically and efficiently maintains your desired water temperature.

Electrical connection is easy with the 9kW and 12kW Remora Inverter heat pumps as they come pre-fitted with a mains cable, RCD and plug, making them suitable for use in 13A outdoor sockets, the rest of the Remora Inverter range requires installation by a qualified electrician.

Wi-Fi connectivity comes as standard, meaning you can control your Remora Inverter heat pump from your smart device, even when you are at not home. Still want to use your pool even though the weather is cooler today than expected? Simply go to the Smart Life App and increase the water temperature, no need to even be near your heat pump.

Key features


Wi-Fi module supplied as standard, comes with 10m extension cables for improved connectivity (can be easily removed) – requires iOS / Android ‘Smart Life’ App

Intelligent operation

Three preset modes; Powerful mode maintains high heat output for fastest heating, silent mode keeps heat pump below 55% heat output for quietest running, smart mode allows heat pump to use full range of heat output for maximum flexibility and efficiency

Simple connections

9kW and 12kW models come factory fitted with 2.8m mains cable and UK RCD plug suitable for outdoor 13A sockets

1.5 inch female threaded water connections, use the supplied unions for pressure pipe, or you can use optional threaded hose tails for connecting 32mm or 38mm hose

Flexible heating

Heats from 5°C to 40°C, can also be used for cooling

All season model works down to -15°C, automatic hot gas defrosting keeps heat pump working even in minus temperatures

Quality by design

Black ABS weather and corrosion resistant cabinet with covered LCD display

Large heat exchanger for increased efficiency in lower temperatures

High efficiency performance with advanced full DC inverter system that automatically controls the running speed of the compressor and the fan

Low noise airstream design for very quiet operation, average sound level 45 dB(A) at one metre

High quality Toshiba or Mitsubishi compressor (see individual specifications)

EEV (Electronic Expansion Valve) throttling technology adjusts the gas flow and increases COP by up to 20%

Spiral Titanium heat exchanger is 40% more efficient than standard titanium heat exchanger

R32 gas for environmentally friendly operation

Winter cover included as standard (keeps debris out of unit when not in use)

Designed with Koi owners in mind

Heats from 5°C to 40°C

1°C differential to restart (differential below 1°C can affect efficiency)

Factory fitted mains cable on 9kW and 12kW plugs directly into 13A outside socket

10m extension cable on Wi-Fi module for improved connectivity to home Wi-Fi networks (removable if not needed)

Inverter model is suitable for all year round heating / cooling

Large heat exchanger for improved efficiency at lower temperatures

Remote input for external thermostat with probe

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Technical Data

Heating Capacity A27/W26
27.28 kW
Heating Capacity A15/W26
19.71 kW
Heating Capacity A28/W28
93,083 BTU/hr
Max. Input Power
0.75 ~ 5.22 kW
Max. Current
Minimum Fuse (C Type MCB)
COP A24/W26
6.2 ~ 15.0
COP A15/W26
4.61 ~ 8.0
GMCC (Midea/Toshiba)
Noise Level (10m)
Fan Direction
Nominal Flow
Water Connections
1½ inch
Dimensions (L x W x H)
1125mm x 470mm x 707mm
Wi-Fi Connectivity
Built-in* (Requires Smartphone App)
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