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Gold Label 


Gold label Underwater Pond Sealer does exactly what the name says, Gold label Underwater Sealer is remarkable and it will seal everything and everything, stainless steel to stainless steel, it will stick steel to plastic, plastic to wood, wood to stone, stone to plastic and what’s more as the name suggests it can be used underwater. Yes actually underwater, Gold label Underwater Sealer is a truly remarkable product , imagine being able to seal any leak without having to drain the pond and further more Gold label Underwater Sealer is completely safe for the fish or any other pond life.

Gold Label aqua pond paint is designed especially

for waterproofing and colouring concrete,

fibreglass and plastic ponds.

It’s as easy as painting a wall at home, this specially formulated paint requires no primer and comes complete with a hardener activator solution for maximum effect sealing your pond. It’s water-based so is fish safe and is ready in just two coats plus drying time.