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Hatton Koi is a family-run business with a focus on providing koi pond owners with the tools they need to streamline, standardise, and automate their care for koi fish. Bring out the most in your prized koi population with high-quality, low-prized koi pond accessories.


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Koi Food

One of the most crucial steps is deciding what kind of food to feed your Koi. We believe that the health, size, and coloration of your Koi may be greatly improved by providing them with a varied assortment of medicinal, colour-enhancer, growth stimulant, and sustaining diets.

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Water Testing

To ensure the health of your fish, it is essential to analyse and comprehend your water parameters. We use cutting-edge technology to guarantee reliable outcomes, with reports and associated data being accessible from any mobile device.

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Pond Electrics

Having the right UVC's, pond heating, ozone are crucial to your koi's health, we stock a large range so you can find exactly the right electrics for your pond and you can finish it all off with some attractive pond and garden lights.

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Water Treatment

If you want the highest possible water quality in your pond at all times, you need our cutting-edge water quality additives, which were created in collaboration with water technology and research institutions. The Finest Pond Treatments in the United Kingdom

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Pond Pumps

Choosing the right pond pumps are vital to the health and wellbeing of your koi fish.Β 

Submersible pumps, dry-surface pumps, and multipurpose pumps, air pumps are all viable options when shopping for a pond pump

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Pond Filtration

Whether you require a single drum, combination system, biological, mechanical filtration we have it all from drum filters, combi filters, bead filters, moving bed filters we have a size that will work for you. If you get it right is can be almost maintenance-free cleaning of your pond.

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Filter Media

We stock a wide range of filter media from Japanese matting, to foam filters, bacteria house and more.

Having the right filter media is crucial to the survival of your koi.

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Pond Construction

Here you will find all the structural pond supplies you need, including pond liners, raw materials, lights, fountains, waterfalls, bottom drains, pressure pipes and fittings everything you need to build your perfect koi pond.

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Pond Accessories

Our vast range of Koi accessories from our Koi Nets and telescoping poles to pond vacuums and holding vats provide all the accessories you will need to be able to look after your koi pond with ease.

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