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Colombo Quicktest 6 in 1 Teststrips (pk of 50)

Colombo Quicktest 6 in 1 Teststrips (pk of 50)

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The COLOMBO QUICKTEST 6 in 1 Teststrips pack contains 50 test strips to accurately measure 6 water parameters in just one minute. This comprehensive testing solution is suitable for both ponds and aquariums, testing for levels of pH, KH, GH, nitrite, nitrate, and chlorine. Enjoy comprehensive water tests with accuracy and speed!

  • pH – acidity
  • KH carbonate hardness
  • GH – total hardness
  • NO2 – nitrite
  • NO3 – nitrate
  • CL – chlorine

Easily test your water values in 1 minute. Suitable for aquarium and pond. You can test 50 x 6 values, a total of 300 test values! After opening the packaging, store in a dry place and have a limited shelf life.


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