Collection: Box & Shower Filters Koi Pond

Box & Shower Filters Koi Pond


By showering the pond water over the media within this Shower system you improve the dissolved oxygen content and help gas off carbon dioxide. A trickle filter’s operating principle is very simple.

The water is pumped up and then well distributed across a perforated surface. This causes the water to splash down on the filter medium like a shower. This method causes the water to break up and absorb a great deal of oxygen: ideal for a biological system that demands a high level of oxygen. This is why a trickle filter starts up faster than other filters, such as multi-chamber systems or bead filters. It therefore stands to reason that this is the system of choice for most cultivation farms.

The recommended flow rate to the system is 20,000lph, and the water outlet is through a weir at the bottom, so this needs to be situation at the pond edge to return the water