Collection: Topical Treatments For Koi

Topical Treatments For Koi
Occasionally, Koi fish may exhibit signs of bodily or fin damage, such as ulceration, lesions, or raised scales, which can be caused by mechanical impact, bacterial or parasitic infections.
It is crucial to address these issues promptly to prevent further damage to the affected area, potential tissue damage, and the development of systemic infection and septicemia. To effectively manage these situations, it is essential to have the following tools at your disposal:
  1. Koi Sedative: This substance can be used to calm and immobilise the fish during medical procedures or treatments.
  1. Wound and Ulcer Cleaner: This product is specifically designed to clean and disinfect wounds and ulcers on Koi fish, promoting healing and preventing infection.
  1. Surgical Tools: These specialised instruments are necessary for performing delicate procedures on Koi fish, such as removing foreign objects or conducting surgical interventions if required.