Collection: Medicarp Koi Food

Medicarp Koi Food


Medicarp is a specialised product that incorporates Alphamune, a blend of seaweed, Lactoferrin, ß-glucan, and Torua yeast cell wall. These ingredients act as immune system stimulants, effectively accelerating the Koi's natural defence mechanisms against diseases and pathogens. By promoting a swift and efficient immune response, Medicarp helps maintain the optimal health and strength of your koi, ensuring they remain in excellent condition.

This food is particularly beneficial during various scenarios, such as when quarantining new koi, relocating fish, or reintroducing them to your pond after a koi show. Additionally, Medicarp can be fed throughout the year and serves as an excellent supplement to other foods in our range. Notably, this specific formulation includes vegetable plankton (Hemanthoccous), a naturally occurring colour enhancer that enhances the vibrancy of colours and promotes a pristine, snow-white skin complexion.