Collection: K1 & Kplus Filter Media For Koi Ponds

K1 & Kplus Filter Media For Koi Ponds


K1 Moving Bed Technology Moving bed technology offers numerous advantages compared to traditional static bed filters. One key benefit is the significantly larger surface area, which ensures constant exposure to optimal levels of oxygen and nutrients for bacteria.

Additionally, the self-cleaning nature of the media as it tumbles enhances its efficiency. Moreover, the renowned protected surface area of the media provides a preferred habitat for bacteria and higher organisms, allowing them to thrive in an oxygen-rich and nutrient-rich environment while remaining safeguarded from detrimental cleaning practices.

In the realm of pond filters, the adoption of moving bed technology has experienced a substantial shift over the past two decades, with Evolution Aqua leading the way as pioneers in this field.

Their extensive experience and extensive research and development efforts have positioned them as unparalleled experts in the realm of biological filtration. Notably, the Nexus and Eazy Pod filters exclusively utilise K1 and K1 Micro filter media, all of which are meticulously designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.