Collection: Koi Pond Water Testing

Koi Pond Water Testing


One of the nicest places to relax is beside a Koi pond. The opportunity to unwind and marvel at the natural splendour of these priceless creatures.


There's a saying that goes something like, "we don't keep fish, but rather water." This is true to a significant extent.


To help you keep your Koi in optimal conditions, we have a wide variety of water treatment solutions and test kits.


The Palintest® technology found in every Kusuri visual test kit makes it the gold standard in its field.  Each kit comes with a non-biodegradable foil-sealed tablet and a plastic acetate card that is easy to color-match.


Smart gadgets are put to good use in the innovative eXact iDip® Smart Photometer System ®. Parameter data, data storage, and GPS tracking are all features of the waterproof portable unit that may be used in tandem with the smartphone app.


Our improved methodology will completely change the way water is tested by delivering precise findings in a fraction of the time. Over 40 different water tests may be performed with the eXact iDip®photometer, which is made to the highest standards. The new eXact iDip® software connects wirelessly to any photometric device, making it the first solution of its kind for the pool and water testing industry. When used in conjunction with an iDip® photometer, Bluetooth® wireless technology enables seamless transfer of data between the two devices. Multiple water-testing histories may be kept in the app. The GPS functionality and email sharing capabilities make it simple to track down previous water testing sites.