Collection: Ultra Violet Clarifier Ballasts (UVC's)

Ultra Violet Clarifier Ballasts (UVC's)

It is possible to add ultra violet clarifiers to the biological filters already present in ponds, including koi ponds, as standalone devices. As an alternative, they are frequently discovered as integrated biological filter-equipped combination units.

Water is run through an electrical device called an ultra violet clarifier before it reaches the biological filter. Its main purpose is to get rid of green water and lessen the amount of dangerous germs in the pond. The water is exposed to a lot of ultraviolet light as it passes through the unit. The tiny single-cell algae are made to cluster together by this ultraviolet light, which makes it easier for the biological filter to collect and break them down. As a result, the green water problem is successfully handled.

The products on this page are replacement ballasts not full UVC's