Collection: Koi Pond Water Treatments

Koi Pond Water Treatments


As fish keepers, one of our biggest challenges is maintaining a 'natural' ecosystem in our ponds, one that supports a diverse population of beneficial bacteria.


Over time, the pond's ecosystem will become stable as the filters do their job. Toxic waste produced by the fish, if not properly eliminated, can put a strain on the fish's immune system and ultimately kill them.


Their natural defences will weaken as a result, putting them at greater risk for developing health issues. Negative effects on development and, in extreme circumstances, fish mortality.


Our ponds are typically overpopulated and chemically treated to eliminate parasites, fungi, and bacteria. These things are harmful to the microbial equilibrium that we need to keep in our filters. The bacteria colony can die back after as little as a week on a family getaway with reduced eating.


Introducing and supplementing with the right beneficial bacteria can help speed up and sustain this natural balancing process inside our own eco-system. This will ultimately result in cleaner water and healthier fish. Many of our customers at Hatton Koi have ponds and want to know what kinds of bacteria and supplements we recommend using.


We decided to look into what you wanted and come up with solutions that will revolutionise the industry in terms of quality and performance. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time if you have any questions or need any support.