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Hatton Koi

12.5kg Salt PDV For Koi Pond Treatments

12.5kg Salt PDV For Koi Pond Treatments

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PDV Pond Salt 25kg

Salt has been used by koi keepers for years either as a bath treatment or in the pond itself. Every serious Koi keeper should have a bag or two of salt to hand for use when needed.

Salt has many advantages and it is widely accepted that a dose rate of a Β½ oz per gallon is recommended for reducing stress and aiding in the healing of knocks and bumps in Koi and other pond fish.

  • Food Grade Pure Dried Vacuum Salt
  • Can be used to reduce stress and improve fish health
  • Helps to reduce toxicity of high nitrite levels
  • General use to help improve colour and appetite
  • Aids in the healing of wounds and ulcers
  • Recommended dose rate Β½ oz per gallon

NB: Please note the picture is for illustration only the actual bag received maybe a different but the content will still be PDV salt
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