Collection: Pressure Pipes & Fittings For Koi Ponds

The Grey Pressure Pipe has become increasingly popular due to the significant decrease in prices for both the pipe and fittings in recent years. This trend has been further facilitated by the widespread use of the Internet, making it easier and more affordable to obtain high-quality pipework and fittings. Among Koi and pond enthusiasts, the preference has shifted towards utilising the Grey Pressure Pipe, specifically made of PVC, along with compatible fittings. This choice is justified by several advantages: 1. Excellent chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, and chemical concentrates. 2. The smooth bore of the pipe prevents the accumulation of scale and ensures smooth flow. 3. The pipe exhibits good abrasion resistance and weathering qualities. 4. It is lightweight and easy to handle, promoting convenience during installation. 5. The jointing process is simplified through the solvent weld system. 6. The pipe is non-toxic so your koi are in safe hands.