About Us

About us


Hatton Koi is a family-owned company that specialises in supplying koi fish owners with all the koi fish accessories they need to simplify, scale and automate koi pond maintenance. Unleash the beauty of your beloved koi colony with koi pond accessories that are the 'reel deal' in terms of value and quality!


Looking for a high-performance koi pond pump or filter that won't ‘carp’ out on you? Browse our top-of-the-line koi pond filtration systems! Tired of constantly battling algae blooms and murky water? Shop pond water testing strips, treatment kits and enzyme balls to maintain a safe environment for your koi fish to flourish. Can’t seem to find koi sticks that contain the right balance of nutrients? We stock premium-grade koi pellets formulated to provide a nutritionally balanced diet for koi.


Come on, don't be koi – find out why so many DIY koi fish hobbyists count on Hatton Koi to supply them with the finest koi pond cleaners, koi pond test strips, pumps, hoses, heaters and more. From filters to food, we've got everything you need to keep your outdoor or indoor pond-dwelling friends happy and healthy year-round. Enhance your koi’s quality of life with the best koi treatments, koi food sticks and fish care supplies from the reputable brands you trust.