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Excellent Combi Drum 60/80 XL Gravity

Excellent Combi Drum 60/80 XL Gravity

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Promote the clarity and quality of your pond water with the COMBI DRUM 60/80 XL Gravity from Filtreau Excellent. Ideal for both mechanical and biological filtration, this filter system is guaranteed to contribute to an optimal habitat for all of your pond's flora and fauna. 

SPG XL drive motor 

Filtreau industrial SPG drive motor delivers 130Nm. The unit for torque (force x arm) is Newton meters. It is used to denote, among other things, the tractive force of a motor. These drive motors are constructed exclusively for Filtreau drum filters! The motors are mounted on the filter with a double seal to prevent both leakage and deformation.

UV-C HO 80 watt 

The new immersion Filtreau UV-C Module UNOX stainless steel contributes to pure pond water. Both the ingenious design and high-quality materials turn out high UV-C radiation with a wavelength of exactly 253.7 Nm. This high dose of irradiation destroys virtually all bacteria, viruses and also fungi. Added chemicals, such as Chlorine, can be reduced by up to 80 percent resulting in purer healthier water!

Stainless Steel Floater 

Dirt in the water prevents the water in the drum from flowing through the filter mesh as easily. The stainless steel floater triggers the flush function. This involves the drum spinning. The nozzles then spray water from the outside against the rotating drum.


Length: 2100mm 

Width: 1117mm 

Height: 1005mm 

Technical Specification 

Motor: 130Nm/60 Watt, 220 Volt 

Type: Gravity 

Inlet: 7 x 110mm 

Outlet: 3 x 110mm 

Drum: 650 x 400mm 

Flushing Pump (Internal): RVS 5 Bar 600Watts, 220 Volt 

Air Supply: 4 x 50 x 300mm

Including: Control Box

Pond Volume m3: 160m3

Max. Flow: 80m3

UV-C Built In Unit: 1 x 80 watt H-O

NOTE: Filters are supplied without mats and Hel-X. These are optionally available.

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