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Excellent Combi Drum 80/100 XXL Trickle

Excellent Combi Drum 80/100 XXL Trickle

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Discover the modern, sophisticated oxygenating power and uniqueness of the Trickle filter from Filtreau Excellent for the Filtreau Combi Drum 80/100 XXL Filter. designed exclusively for koi and ornamental fish. The Trickle system provides excellent biological performance, optimising oxygen levels and ensuring optimal flora and fauna health and pond oxygenation.

Increase in oxygen levels By trickling the water, oxygen levels are increased. This is essential for the good health of your fish and other aquatic organisms.

Enhanced biological filtration The trickle creates a perfect environment for the growth of good bacteria. These contribute to an improvement of the water quality in the pond.

Mechanical filtration of suspended particles The trickle filter also offers mechanical filtration, filtering out leaves, algae and debris even before the filter system. This keeps your filter cleaner longer.


Length: 1700mm

Width: 320mm

Height: 805mm
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