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Replacement Quartz for UV-Ozone

Replacement Quartz for UV-Ozone

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UV Ozone

Ozone is becoming more and more popular because of the good results due to treatment of disinfection, clarity of water and the extra input of oxygen. The UVozone is an new concept which has all the advantages of ozone in combination with UVC (Ultra Violet Clarification) and an static mixer. All the componentsare mounted on a backing plate and ready for use. Even the airpump is included. with Ozone Redox UVC System


UVC lamp with 75 Watt is the base of the effective radiation from 25 Watt UVC on the other side the UV lamp produces around 0.6 grams of ozone per hour.

How The Ozone Redox UVC Works:

The Water flows through the static mixer (right side on the mounting plate), where ozone and air are brought in. The ozone and water are mixed by way of the static mixer where it reacts with the bacteria and parasites in the water. After that the water flows through the UV-lamp, even if there is some ozone left this wlll be eliminated.

The air is divided out of the airpump. A part of the air flows directly to the static mixer. The other is diverted between the quartz glass and the UV-lamp, where it produces the ozone. On the bottom of the UV-lamp the ozone is flowing towards the static mixer with a ozone resistant non-return valve fitted for safety. In concequence, the static mixer has two entries; one for air and the other for the ozone enriched water.

The results of the UV Ozone:

Good bacterial control with exciting results in waterclearity compared with the use of a standard UVC. The water will have more oxygen due to the static mixer and adding ozone in to the water. An airstone has an relative bad efficiency but the static mixer is much more effective. In combination with ozone this efficiency is getting even better.
Come’s Complete With:

  • The UV Ozone Unit comes completely mounted
  • 1 x airpump 800 lph
  • 1 x static mixer
  • 1x 75 Watt UV with 0,6 gram O3/hour
  • 1 x mountingplate
  • All required non-return valves and connections


It is easy to mount the unit and safe in use while possible ‘rests’ of ozone are destroyed by the UV-lamp. When the UV-radiation is going down before breaking down the ozone rests, than at the same time it does not produce ozone anymore.

The recommended waterflow is 8-12m3 / hour

Ozone Redox UVC

The Ozone Redox UVC has a special 75watt T5 UV-C lamp that generates Ozone as well as UV-C at the same time. The lamp produces 600mg/h Ozone ans 25,000 microwatt of UV-C radiation output. The lamp produces ± 4000 hrs Ozone and ± 9000 hrs of UV-C radiation.

The Ozone Redox UVC comes complete with an airpump that ‘pushes’ the Ozone out of the unit and a ‘static’ mixer’ that mixes the Ozone with the water with virtually no pressure loss. The Ozone Redox UVC must be installed after the filter system by means of free flow return.

The optimal life-span of the T5 lamp regarding UV-C is ± 9000 hrs. For the Ozone producing part this is about 4000 hours. After this period of time the intenisity decreases. When you replace the lamp in March there will be enough Ozone production for the whiole season (from March to September) and there will be enough UV-C radiation for the whole year!.

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