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Pond Zinger - Flocculant / Phosphate remover (9000 gals) Pond Water Treatment

Pond Zinger - Flocculant / Phosphate remover (9000 gals) Pond Water Treatment

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After years of research and many erosion and sediment control, stormwater, and pond clarification applications, we are pleased to introduce a new product for the pond market: the Pond Zinger.

The Pond Zinger‚ is a pond clarification product designed and formulated for backyard ponds. It is made of safe, non toxic, polymers and safely removes algae from ponds, creating a healthy ecosystem with clean, clear, beautiful water, where aquatic life can thrive.

Attached to a fountain, bubbler, aerator, the steps of a waterfall, or at the end of a filter system, the Pond Zinger‚ slowly dissolves, releasing its components into the pond where excess nutrients, such as Phosphorous, bind together and settle out.

The result is improved pond water quality in terms of clarity, reduced phosphates and algae, odor control, decreased suspended solids, and metal discoloration removal. The created sediments can be removed by the bacterial action of MicrobeLift Clean & Clear!

Independent studies have shown that the PONDZINGER‚ can remove up to 75-85% phosphorus from pond!

Once the water is clean, any remaining Pond Zinger‚ can be removed from the pond, dried, and then stored away from sunlight until it is needed again. The pond should remain clean for the season, unless more phosphorous enters it.

There are 2 versions available for different water volumes:

  • Pond Zinger: up to 45.000 litres
  • Mini Pond Log: to 400,000 litres
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