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Aqua Forte

Aquaforte CBF-15000 (inc 36w PL UV) Pond Filter

Aquaforte CBF-15000 (inc 36w PL UV) Pond Filter

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AquaForte CBF 15000 Pressure Filter

The AquaForte CBF 15000 Pressure Filters are ideal for the smaller garden ponds (+ / – 15000 litres) with a small fish stock and for example a waterfall or watercourse. They are easy to maintain and hide, its compact size and discreet design means you can easily hide it from view by placing it completely in the ground. The following AquaForte pressure filters are equipped with a built-in UV-C lamp, which prevents the pond water turning green.


  • Suitable for ponds without koi from 4mΒ³ to 15mΒ³ in size
  • Provided with backwash function for easy cleaning
  • Comes with hose tails 20/25/32/40 mm to provide versatility for various needs
  • Handle on the top for cleaning with clean and dry hands, this makes cleaning a breeze
  • Includes a 36w PL UV

Technical Data:

ModelΒ  Product Dimensions Max Pond Volume Max Flow Rate UVC
CBF – 4000
28 x 42 (cm)
2 9W
CBF – 8000
34 x 53 (cm)
4 11W
CBF – 12000
41 x 51 (cm)Β  12m3 6 24W
CBF - 15000 41 x 61 (cm) 15m3
8 36W
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