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Aqua Forte

AquaForte Floating Pond Skimmer (built in 60w pump)

AquaForte Floating Pond Skimmer (built in 60w pump)

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Introducing the AquaForte Floating Skimmer with a built-in 60W pump, the perfect solution for maintaining a clean and beautiful pond surface. With its impressive 3000 l/h capacity, this skimmer is designed to effectively remove debris and maintain water clarity, ensuring a healthy environment for your aquatic ecosystem.

Engineered for ponds of up to approximately 50mΒ², this floating skimmer is a reliable companion for medium-sized to larger water features. Its sleek and durable design allows it to effortlessly glide across the water, efficiently collecting leaves, twigs, and other unwanted particles that may mar the appearance of your pond.

Ease of use and maintenance were key considerations in the development of the AquaForte Floating Skimmer. Equipped with a convenient skimmer basket, it captures and holds the collected debris, preventing it from sinking and potentially affecting the water quality. The included foam filter pad further enhances filtration, capturing finer particles and ensuring crystal-clear water.

Cleaning the skimmer is a breeze. Simply remove the skimmer basket and foam filter pad, empty the collected debris, rinse them off, and place them back into the skimmer. With minimal effort, you can restore the skimmer to its optimal functioning and maintain the pristine condition of your pond.

The AquaForte Floating Skimmer comes with a generous 10-meter cable, providing flexibility in positioning the skimmer within your pond. Whether you have a small garden pond or a larger water feature, this skimmer offers versatility and adaptability to suit your specific needs.

Invest in the AquaForte Floating Skimmer with a built-in 60W pump and experience the joy of a clear and healthy pond surface. Enjoy a low-maintenance solution that efficiently removes debris, maintains water clarity, and enhances the overall aesthetics of your water feature.

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