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Aqua Forte

AquaForte Phospat 3 (2" female) 270gr

AquaForte Phospat 3 (2" female) 270gr

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Phosphate is one of the main nutrients for algae (blanket weed) in a pond. With these filter cartridges it is possible to keep the phosphate level below 0,035 mg/l! This is the "magic" limit that is too low for algae to grow but does not harm plants and bacteria. When the cartridge is saturated it must be replaced (re-filling or regenerating is not possible). A great advantage compared to other phosphate binding products is that the Phospat does not release the phosphate at all! The phosphate binding capacities of the Phospat cartridges is 30-100 times more compared to Iron (III) oxides.

- Reduces phosphate in water and supports the biofilter

- Suitable for ponds, natural pools, fountains and circulation wells

- Adsorption capacity is approximately 90.000 mg (Phospat 1) or 270.000 mg (Phospat 3) phosphate

- Flow rate up to 1100 l/h (Phospat 1) or 3300 l/h (Phospat 3)

- Defined particle size of the individual layers

- Suitable for up to ±50m³ (Phospat 1) or 150m³ (Phospat 3)

- Several PHOSPATs can be combined for larger volumes of water

- The Phospat should be protected against contamination with appropriate pre-filtration

- Max. working pressure: Phospat 1: 6 bar, Phospat 3: 4 ba

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