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Evolution Aqua

Evolution Aqua EVO-Feed Automatic Feeder (6ltrs)

Evolution Aqua EVO-Feed Automatic Feeder (6ltrs)

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Introducing the evoFeed Automatic: an innovative solution designed specifically for medium and large ponds. This state-of-the-art fish feeder revolutionizes the way you care for your aquatic companions. By leveraging advanced automation, it effortlessly dispenses food into your pond at precise intervals throughout the day. With adjustable settings for both distance and duration, you have complete control over the feeding process. The food is propelled at a perfect 120-degree angle, ensuring optimal distribution.

Unaffected by the elements, the weatherproof evoFeed Automatic can be conveniently mounted pondside. Equipped with its own built-in rechargeable battery, it operates independently, eliminating the need for constant power supply. Whenever the battery needs a boost, simply connect the plug-in adaptor and let it recharge.

The evoFeed Automatic is a true game-changer for Koi ponds, particularly those that require frequent and abundant pellet feeding throughout the day. Additionally, it's an invaluable asset when you're away on holiday and need to ensure your fish are well-fed.

Featuring a user-friendly control panel adorned with a large touch button interface and an LCD screen, programming the feeding schedule is a breeze. You can set up to six feeding times per day, allowing for a customized and precise feeding routine. For instant gratification, a manual feed option is also availableβ€”just press and hold the RUN button.

To safeguard against accidental disruptions, the screen is equipped with a hinged, transparent protective panel. This clever addition ensures that the touch buttons remain undisturbed and your feeding schedule remains intact.


Feeding Range Food Container Volume Power Dimensions
1 to 3 metres
120Β° angle
3 to 10mm pellets only
(Not suitable for flake & stick)
6 litre capacity Built-in rechargeable battery
(Indoor charger included)
370mm (L)
310mm (W)
400mm (H)
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