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Hatton Koi

Flexible Pop Up Koi Bowl 180cm

Flexible Pop Up Koi Bowl 180cm

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Flexible pop up koi Bowls

These Flexible pop up koi Bowls are made from a Blue waterproof fabric, which are ideal for temporary viewing, medication baths or to observe koi more closely for wounds, disease or defects and of course photography of fish.

These Flexi bowls are top quality, very strong and will last for years.

TheseFlexible pop up koi Bowls are extremely handy as they are quickly and easily erected when needed, can be easily collapsed again and stored, the flexibowl also comes with a sewn in fine mesh Zipped cover for the top and its own bag.

These space saving Flexible Bowls can be wiped down and put away in its own bag rather than storing a large bowl.

Flexible pop up koi Bowl sizes

  • Measurements 90 cm Dia x 60 cm Deep
  • Measurements 120 cm Dia x 60 cm Deep
  • measurements 180 cm Dia x 60 cm Deep
  • Fold Away Bag 10 inch Dia x 2 inch
  • Open-topped, collapsible bowl
  • Wipe clean inner
  • Reinforced Rim
  • Flexible and easy for storage when not used.

Flexible pop up koi Bowls should always be cleaned out thoroughly after use and remember to do this every time, it is no use grabbing a dirty and possibly contaminated bowl when you urgently need one to treat one of your koi.

One more thing for inspection of your koi these Flexible Koi Bowls are alot safer to use, the risk of damage to the koi trying to jump out is reduced significanly opposed to a Standard koi bowl.

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