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Hatton Koi

Flexible Tees with Clips (Flexible)

Flexible Tees with Clips (Flexible)

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Flexible Tees

These Flexible Tees are used by professionals nationwide. These high quality flexible couplings let you connect all common household drain, waste, and vent pipes quickly and easily without using special tools or fittings. They’re exceptionally flexible and extra long to be the ideal replacement for fittings cut out at the joint during alteration or repair. The connectors are easily installed by tightening the 300 series stainless clamps. Made from flexible polyvinyl chloride these connectors fit cast iron, steel, plastic, copper and lead. These Flexible Tees have earned a reputation for consistent, superior performance and you can have full confidence in their quality and reliability.

4″ Flexible Tee
  • External diameter 130mm
  • Internal diameter 115mm
  • Overall length 330mm x 260mm
3″ Flexible Tee
  • External diameter 100mm
  • Internal diameter 87mm
  • Overall length 273mm x 200mm
2″ Flexible Tee
  • External diameter 70mm
  • Internal diameter 60mm
  • Overall length 175mm x 135mm
1.5″ Flexible Tee
  • External diameter 57mm
  • Internal diameter 48mm
  • Overall length 145mm x 110mm


  • Exceptionally flexible and extra long.
  • Ideal for limited space connections.
  • Rustproof stainless steel clamps.
  • Quick and simple connection.
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