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Aqua Forte

Floating Surface Skimmer (to fit 110mm pipe)

Floating Surface Skimmer (to fit 110mm pipe)

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Introducing the Floating Surface Skimmer, a revolutionary solution designed to effortlessly maintain the clarity and cleanliness of your pond's surface. With its intelligent design and seamless compatibility with existing pond setups, this skimmer is a must-have for any pond enthusiast.

The Floating Surface Skimmer is ingeniously crafted to fit a 110mm pipe, providing a direct connection to your pump or filter. Its unique feature includes a sliding mechanism that seamlessly fits over a 160-110mm reducer, ensuring a secure and leak-proof connection. By utilizing a 110mm tank connector, this skimmer enables efficient water flow, optimizing its skimming capabilities.

With a height of 280mm and a diameter of 160mm, this skimmer strikes the perfect balance between functionality and space efficiency. Its compact size allows for easy installation and integration into various pond sizes, ensuring a versatile solution for any aquatic environment.

Designed for both practicality and ease of use, the Floating Surface Skimmer excels in its maintenance capabilities. By swiftly removing debris, leaves, and surface pollutants, it prevents them from sinking and affecting the water quality. This skimmer effectively enhances the aesthetics of your pond while promoting a healthy and balanced ecosystem.

Installation and setup are a breeze with the Floating Surface Skimmer. Simply slide it over the 160-110mm reducer, connect it to your pump or filter via the 110mm tank connector, and witness the immediate transformation of your pond's surface. Its durable construction and reliable performance ensure long-term functionality, minimizing the need for frequent adjustments or replacements.

Upgrade your pond maintenance routine with the Floating Surface Skimmer and experience the difference it can make in keeping your pond surface clean and inviting. Enjoy a hassle-free skimming process and revel in the beauty of a well-maintained pond. Invest in the Floating Surface Skimmer today and unlock the full potential of your aquatic oasis.

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