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Flow Friend Pro Pond Pump

Flow Friend Pro Pond Pump

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The Flowfriend is far ahead in terms of pumping water energy-efficiently. The FlowFriend already today meets the highest MEI category of over 0.7. The MEI - Minimum Efficiency Index - Category is related to the efficiency of the motor, as well as the pumps hydraulics and a directive was developed in 2012 to mandate the energy efficiency of water pumps. To underline this extraordinary accomplishment: The EU has mandated a minimum MEI of 0.4 as compulsory effective July 2014.

  • Extremely energy efficient 
  • Standard RPM controls
  • High flows at low energy consumption 
  • Extremely quiet
  • A Highly efficient, new generation of permanent magnet motor 
  • Optimised hydraulics cast entirely from 316 stainless steel
  • Optimal coordination between pond and season
  • A premium efficiency IE4 motor
  • Motor developed and manufacturer in Germany
  • Can be deployed anywhere in the world: voltages ranging from 100-240V/50-60Hz

Ability to adjust the flowfriends RPMs (from 600-2550 RPM) is a standard feature. The pump includes a display for this purpose that also displays power consumption and hours of operation. The major benefit of a permanent magnet motor compared to frequency controlled asynchronous motors is the remarkably high efficiency at low RPMs. However, even at higher RPMs, these pumps are significantly more efficient. 

Ingenious pump housings
A pump’s hydraulics consist of the pump’s rotor and the pump’s housing. The FlowFriend’s hydraulics are entirely made of cast 316 stainless steel. Robust, smooth and a perfect shape to keep internal losses to a minimum.

The hydraulics:

  • determine the pump’s total efficiency for the large part
  • determine the pump’s suitability for a particular use

FlowFriend PRO
This Axial-flow (propeller) pump has a low pump lift and large water volume. For exampe, at 0,5 MWC, a capacity of 50m3/h is available at a consumption of 200 watts. The FlowFriend PRO has a suction/pression connection of no less than 12 mm in order to minimise the internal pump by this means. The PRO can deal with signifcantly higher pressure than so-called 'air-lift' based systems, and the PRO is outstandingly flexible in use on account of its adjustability. Uses are mult-chamber, moving bed and drum filters. Plus the are popular in recirculation systems in fish farms

Motor and seal
The FlowFriend has a very high-quality Eagle Burgmann shaft seal. The motor has been designed in-house and is manufactured by one of Germany’s largest and most important producers of electrical motors. The motor’s efficiency, depending on the RPMs, is between 88 and 94%.

Dry-running or submersible pumps
The FlowFriend is a dry-running pump with a sealed shaft. This technology is superior from an energy and safety perspective to submersible pumps (in which the pump’s shaft rotates in water). This is why almost all pumps used for industrial applications are pumps with a sealed shaft. As with dry running pumps, the shaft and the stator are positioned extremely close to each other, they have signifcantly lower energy loss in operation by comparison with submersible pumps. Submersible pumps always require a compromise. If the distance between the stator and the shaft is very small, there is a high risk of damage due to dirt that is stuck between the shaft and the stator. However, as this distance increases, the pump’s energy losses increase quadratically.
If the stator in a submersible pump becomes damaged, direct contact between the core (with voltages exceeding 300V) and the water is possible. This is why a submersible pump is not recommended for applications in which people touch the water or swim in it.

Technical Data

Weight (kg) 15.2
Pressure max. 2,5m1
Max. flow (m3/hour) 105
Outlet (mm) 125mm / 125mm
Protection Class IP55
Dimensions (mm) 514x140x231
Material  aisi 304 stainless steel
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