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Kockney Koi

Kockney Koi (Yamitsu) Platinum 8000 Box Filter (GRP) inc UVC

Kockney Koi (Yamitsu) Platinum 8000 Box Filter (GRP) inc UVC

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Kockney Koi Platinum 8000 Filter

The Fibreglass filter from Kockney Koi is Suitable for goldfish ponds to 8000 litres with 300 inches of goldfish or a 5000 litre koi pond with 75 inches of koi. The total surface area of the media included is greater than 20m2. This creates a substantially greater internal area for bio-mass to thrive. Kintama has double the surface area of most fluid bed medias.

Pump requirements:

3000 lph to a max flow rate 6000 litres per hour.

Kit Includes:

  • 3 pieces of foam,
  • 1 x wadding,
  • 1 x blue matting,
  • 1 x carbon impregnated foam
  • 10 litres of Kintama biological media.
  • Optional 15 uv

Can be used with 15w or 25w UV 

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