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NT Labs FMG Mix

NT Labs FMG Mix

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NT Labs FMG Mixture – Targeting White Spot, Trichodina, Costia, and Chilodonella

When to Use: NT Labs FMG Mixture is the solution when your fish exhibit symptoms of parasitic or fungal infections. Look out for signs such as white spots along the fins and body, flicking, rubbing, gasping at the surface, an opaque film over the body, or fluffy, white growths.

How to Use:

  1. Test Your Water Quality:

    • Utilize NT Labs Test Kits to ensure accurate water quality assessment.
  2. Dosage Preparation:

    • Mix the appropriate dosage in a clean bucket of pond water.
  3. Even Distribution:

    • Pour the mixed solution evenly over the surface of the pond.
  4. Treatment Duration:

    • Leave the treatment in the pond for 7 days.
  5. Repeat Dose Consideration:

    • If you consider a repeat dose, carefully check your diagnosis using the Diagnosis Tool. Consider using a different medication if needed.
  6. Post-Treatment:

    • Allow a 7-day interval after medicating before performing a partial water change or re-treating with another medication.
  7. Observation:

    • Always conduct treatment when you have sufficient time to observe fish and take necessary action in the unlikely event of a bad reaction.


  • Do not use FMG Mixture with orfe, rudd, tench, or sturgeon/sterlet.
  • Avoid use if the water temperature is above 30Β°C.
  • Do not use in hot, humid, thundery conditions.
  • Do not mix FMG Mixture with other medications.

Choose NT Labs FMG Mixture for a comprehensive solution targeting white spot, Trichodina, Costia, and Chilodonella, ensuring the health and well-being of your fish.

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