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NT Labs

NT Labs Foam Control

NT Labs Foam Control

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NT Labs Foam Control - Also Known as Foamclear

When to Use: If you observe a build-up of unsightly foam and froth on the surface of your pond, this could be due to an excess of protein in the water. NT Labs Foam Control, or Foamclear, is the solution to break down the froth, allowing proper gas exchange between the water and air and helping to maintain the correct pH.

How to Use:

  1. Shake Well:

    • Ensure the bottle is well-shaken before use.
  2. Dosage Preparation:

    • Mix the correct dose in a clean bucket of pond water.
  3. Even Distribution:

    • Gradually add the mixed solution, pouring it evenly around the pond.
  4. Persistent Foam:

    • If there is a constant presence of a lot of foam, take the following steps:
      • Check the efficiency of the biological filtration system using NT Labs Ammonia and Nitrite Test Kits.
      • Reduce the amount of food fed to the fish.
      • Add Mature to boost the activity of the filter system.
      • Perform a partial water change.

Note: Regular monitoring of your pond's water quality is essential to address the root cause of persistent foam.

Choose NT Labs Foam Control (Foamclear) for a clear and well-maintained pond, ensuring optimal gas exchange and pH balance.

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