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Aqua Forte

Prime UltraBead 140 (20,000 gallons) 165kg Beads Pond Filter

Prime UltraBead 140 (20,000 gallons) 165kg Beads Pond Filter

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Why AquaForte UltraBead filters?

• Clear water (filtration down to 10 micron!)
• Provides biologically healthy and clear water (plant filters are not necessary)
• Compact (< 1m²)
• Easy to clean (clean hands)
• Water is 100% recyclable
• Low power consumption (through bypass and variable speed pumps)
• Highest quality filter tank
• Reliable!

How it works:

Bead filters are closed pressure vessels filled with millions of plastic beads. Because these beads float, they provide the mechanical filtration, and because of their large bonding surface they also provide biological filtration. Mechanical filtration: the beads float in a closed vessel and are therefore very close to each other. The water is pushed through them by the pressure of the pump, while the dirt particles become trapped among the beads. As the filter is used for a longer period of time, the biofilm around the beads becomes thicker and thicker, allowing increasingly fine dirt to be collected (down to 10 microns!). Biological filtration: the plastic beads have an adhesion surface area of about 1600 m²/m³. The biofilm layer on the beads therefore provides a huge amount of surface area for the bacteria to break down ammonium, nitrite and nitrate.

Technical specifications:
• Filters are delivered incl. beads.
• All models are standard equipped with the completely new valve construction with standard bypass.
• The new UltraBead filters are made of indestructible thermoplastic with the world's most reliable injection moulding method with moulded base.
• The UB140 is also fitted with Ø75 mm piping for even less resistance.
• The fish population in the table is based on 1% feed per day.
• Recommended pump capacity: The pump must be able to pump half of the actual pond volume per hour at 2-3 metres of water column (0.2-0.3 bar) (see pump chart of the pump concerned).
• For koi ponds of 40m³ and larger, a flow rate of once every 3 to 4 hours is used.
• Maximum working pressure 2.5 bar (25 metres).

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