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PVC Pressure Pipe Pump Connectors 1.5" Inch T pieces (Pressure PVC-U)

PVC Pressure Pipe Pump Connectors 1.5" Inch T pieces (Pressure PVC-U)

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PVC Imperial Pressure Pipe Equal Tee

Pressure Pipe Equal Tee Pieces should be used in conjunction with PVC Pressure Pipework. These Tee Pieces are ideal for use when splitting the flow is required. Imperial Pressure Pipework and fittings are strong and durable and will provide a permanent connection when secured with Solvent Cement. These items are available in 5 different sizes 4″, 3″, 2″ ,1.5″ and 1″

4″ Pressure Pipe Tee

  • Overall length 250mm
  • Overall Width 190mm

3″ Pressure Pipe Tee

  • Overall length 195mm
  • Overall Width 145mm

2″ Pressure Pipe Tee

  • Overall length 140mm
  • Overall Width 110mm

1.5″ Pressure Pipe Tee

  • Overall length 115mm
  • Overall Width 90mm

1″ Pressure Pipe Tee

  • Overall length 80mm
  • Overall Width 60mm

At Hatton Koi we understand The importance of pipe work, mistakes made in pipework are one of the most common we come across and can be very costly and hard to change at a later date.

There are three main types of pipe work used on koi ponds:
  • Metric Pressure Pipe
  • Imperial Pressure Pipe
  • Black waste pipe

The use of anything other than pressure pipe and fittings for both gravity and pressure lines is risky, the last thing you want is your bottom drain line leaking after all your hard work building your pond and is only a cost saving exercise, The added security and peace of mind that Pressure Pipe brings is well worth the extra cost. Unfortunately the use of pressure pipe and fittings in the past has simply been too expensive for the majority of Koi keepers, despite it being the preferred choice. here at Hatton Koi we are looking to bring you a full range of pipe fittings for every occasion.

we are happy to provide assistance, should you need it,  please Contact Us if you need assistance in choosing the right pipe work for your project.

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