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Replacement 25kg Sack Of Carbon For Pond Dechlorinator Purifiers

Replacement 25kg Sack Of Carbon For Pond Dechlorinator Purifiers

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Activated Carbon

Activated carbon, also called activated charcoal or active carbon, is a processed form of carbon that works by absorbing toxins, tannins (the stuff that causes the yellowing of the water), odours and organics in the water. Activated carbon can be made from many different materials, most commonly coal for aquarium use. It is available in a lot of different forms, shapes and sizes each having their own advantages and disadvantages.

Granular Activated Carbon is an excellent choice for removal of chlorine, taste and odour, or organics in water.


  • 25kg Activated Carbon 


Water purifiers can play a major role in removing unwanted toxins leaving good water quality in the pond and helping to keep your fish healthy.

    Stage 1 uses a 10″ 5 microns per filter to dirt, iron as well as other particulates.

    Stage 2 is the larger granular activated carbon filter,  which removes chorine and dissolved contaminants.

Pro-Line Cylinder Purifiers sizing:

  • Small contains 6kg of activated carbon
  • Medium contains 12kg of activated carbon
  • Large contains 18kg of activated carbon
NB: Photos of the cylinder purifiers are shown in the photo description for reference, this listing is for purchasing 25kg of Activated Carbon ONLY

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