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Speck BADU ECO-Touch Pro Variable Flow Rate Pump Pond Pump

Speck BADU ECO-Touch Pro Variable Flow Rate Pump Pond Pump

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Speck BADU ECO Touch Pump


Introducing the New Speck BADU ECO Touch self-priming circulation pump, thanks to highly innovative motor technology, is revolutionizing energy consumption, operating costs and water quality in koi ponds.

With its excellent efficiency rating, the highly efficient BADU Eco Touch is setting revolutionary standards.

Compared with a conventional induction motor pump, both the operating costs of New Badu Eco Touch and the CO2 emissions are significantly lower. The New Badu Eco Touch pays for itself within 2 years.

The patented permanent magnet motor, with an axial rotor, known as the EC motor was perfected for use in the koi pond filter system.

Whether the New Badu Eco Touch is used at low speed or at middle speed for filter operation or for filter backwashing at high speed, the preset stages always provide for optimal pump performance in terms of both economy and ecology.

The system is simple and brilliant: the lower the motor speed, the lower the energy consumption! The three settings can be selected intuitively by means of a user-friendly control panel.

Thanks to a separate interface, the New Badu Eco Touch can also be controlled externally via control system.

Another of the many advantages of the BADU Eco Touch is that it is designed for quiet operation. Many years of experience in the construction of pumps and the use of high-quality materials are guaranteed with the New Badu Eco Touch quality!

The New Badu Eco Touch Construction features:

  • Corrosion Resistant, due to high-quality plastics.
  • Self Priming, steady circulation and uncomplicated installation.
  • Safe, Motor shaft and pump shaft not in contact with pond water.
  • Highly efficient, excellent efficiency rating.
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