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Superfish Air-Box 4 Air Pump

Superfish Air-Box 4 Air Pump

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Superfish Airbox 4

The Superfish Airbox 4 Air Pumps are ideal for adding Oxygen to a pond which is essential for all pond llife, the addition of an Superfish air pump can have many benefits.

Superfish Air pumps provide that much needed oxygen which can help prevent fish dying from lack of oxygen during the hot summer days.

These Air pumps also help with water movement and prevent stagnation. Adding airtones direct into your filter box can also help filter bacteria to work more efficiently at breaking down fish waste .

  • 4 Outlets
  • 4 Airstones
  • 4 x 7.5 Mts Air line
  • Low wattage

Air Box 4 – pond aeration set come fitted with a UK plug 

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