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Superfish Koi-Flow 60 Set Air Pump

Superfish Koi-Flow 60 Set Air Pump

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Superfish Koi Flow 60 Set

The Super Fish Koi Flow air pumps are supplied complete with a 6-way plastic manifold,six airstones, 50 metres of airline and a replacement diaphragm kit. Everything you need to get you started and supply that much needed oxygen to your pond.

Koi Flow Air Pump Kits come with:

  • 2 spare diaphrams
  • 50m of airline
  • 6 air stones
  • 6 way distribution manifold
Koi Flow 20 30 60
Airflow l/m 20 30 60
Wattage (w) 15 25 35
Max Preasure (Mps) 0.020 0.025 0.030
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