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SUPERFISH Top-Clear 5000 UVC Pressure filter (7w)

SUPERFISH Top-Clear 5000 UVC Pressure filter (7w)

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Superfish Top Clear UV 5000

A unique 3-step pond pressure filter.

  • Filter Foam provides mechanical filtration.
  • Bacteria in the bioballs provide biological treatment.
  • Built-in UVprovides combat algae and helps prevent diseases.

All connections to the lidThis allows the filter be almost completely buried or concealed next the pond.

 Pressure filterthus placing even below the water level is possible.
Backflushing system allows easy cleaning of the filter
 2 year warranty.

Maxpond capacity: 5,000 liters
Pump capacity: 2,500 l / h
UVC7 watts
Inlet25/12/32 mm
Exhaust25/12/32 mm

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