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Aqua Forte

T5 Submersible 75W UVC

T5 Submersible 75W UVC

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T5 Submersible 75W UVC

Submersible UV-C lamps have a big advantage compared to conventional UV-C units: no pressure loss.


  • These lamps can be used in filter tanks so the water can pass without any resistance/ pressure loss.
  • The plastic end of the lamp has a 32mm diameter so you can use 32mm pipe clips to mount the lamp in a tank.
  • A special tank connector is available for direct installation in i.e. filters.


  • This product is only intended for professional use.
  • It should be installed in a professional application or assembled with other appliances.
  • Before using this product the installer/user must take care the product complies to the latest European standards for UV-C units.
  • 75W Immersion UV-C
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