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TMC PRO-POND UV55 (New for 2024)

TMC PRO-POND UV55 (New for 2024)

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UV Pond Clarifier The guaranteed solution for green water* 

Easy to install, use and maintain. 

1 x 55W High Output UV Lamp Optimum Pond Size: 45,000 litres Max. 

Pond Size: 55,000 litres Max. 

Flow Rate: 22,500 l/h 

New energy efficient electronic control gear 

Transparent end caps make it easy to see if UV lamps are working. 

Easy access to working parts making maintenance quick and easy. 

Easy lamp changes and full range of spares available. 

Supplied with wall/fence mounting kit. 

2” solvent weld inlet and outlet ports to take rigid pipe 

2 x Multi-stage hosetails included for use with flexible hose from 1" to 1 1/2" 

Supplied fully assembled with quartz sleeve(s) and UV lamp(s) already installed, complete with 5m cable. 

*Guarantees clear water if installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the unit is the correct unit for the pond capacity, stocking level and location

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