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Yamitsu Algae Master Pond UV Clarifier 25W

Yamitsu Algae Master Pond UV Clarifier 25W

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Yamitsu Algae Master Pond UV Clarifier 25W

Yamitsu algae master uv’s are made from UV stabilised materials to ensure a longer life and incorporate turbulators to enhance the unit’s performance. Large inlet and exhaust ports make the algae master uv suitable for a wide range of pond uv applications. It is recommended that the algae master uv should be installed using solid solvent weld pipe.

However, all algae master uv’s come complete with free (glue in) hosetails enabling them to be connected to ½”, ¾”, 1″, 1¼” and 1½” flexible pipe. Algae master uv’s will also fit most popular 1½” household solvent weld waste and pressure pipes.

Yamitsu Algae Master Pond UV Clarifier 25w Installation

If you have a severe algae problem you should effect a partial water change before starting the installation. Yamitsu Algae Master Pond UV can be added to any existing filtration system. For best results algae master units should be fitted in line, after the pump, with water being forced through them. Use the largest size of pipe possible. If hosetails are to be used, it is very important that they are trimmed to the largest possible size that will fit inside the flexible pipe (before glueing in place). This will ensure that the maximum flow rate can be obtained for the size of pipe.

Yamitsu Algae Master UV Maintenance

Although maintenance is minimal all UV lamps need replacing at six monthly intervals. The algae master’s uv lamp may be illuminated and appear to be working but the radiation dosage diminishes with age and is ineffective after six months. Dispose of used uv lamps sensibly. Even exhausted uv lamps should NEVER be looked at directly when illuminated.

As the algae master uv is dependant upon water passing through it, it is important to ensure that any pump strainers, pre-filters or delivery pipes are not blocked or are causing the flow to be restricted.


Model 11 watt 15 watt 25 watt 30 watt 55 watt 110 watt
Pond Size 1000 gals. 1500 gals. 2500 gals. 3000 gals. 4500 gals. 10000 gals.
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